I am going to use this blog properly from now on…

I haven’t posted on this for ages. It was originally just a way of keeping bits of research, ideas, inspiration together ready for my show at Dray Walk. That has all happened as well as lots of other bits of work. As my laptop has died I thought  I would use this as a way  of keeping putting up work, ideas and inspirations for all of my work. I will probably within the next few days try to feel in the last few months from my show where Brainkind Vs Fruit happened, up until now where I am working and my broken laptop. As well as this I will probably add interesting websites or anything I’d like to remember myself in the future.

I have completely changed my website (for the better) check it out http://www.davidgarlick.com I also completly changed the look of this blog to try and make it match up with the site, which will link to this blod as soon as I get a chance to update it.

So I will try to use this blog! Today I finished reading Mark Oliver Everett’s autobiography Things the Grandchildren Should Know MOE being E from Eels one of my favourite bands. It’s mainly about everyone dying around him, I enjoyed it. Read it in 3 day which is super quick for me.

I’m gonna give it 6.5/10.

I said this year I would read atleast a book a month, which is nothingreally but at the moment I am now on 2. The other being On Chesire Beach, back in January. I have decided I am gonna try to squeeze the others in. So now I am going to choose another book, although I may just end up trying to post more stuff.

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