Jumping on bandwagons: iPhone and Twitter

I have decided to jump on two bandwagons recently. One being the iPhone bandwagon, which is a great phone and has had me saying amazing quite often. I think that I used the word amazing to describe the wunder radio, which basically allows me to pick up any radio station with an online stream (and there is a lot) from anywhere around the world over wifi or even 3G. Amazing.

I’m actually using this blog post as a way of testing another app, the WordPress app. So hopefully it does work and someone other than me reads this. If it does work perhaps I will blog more often as I am on this phone a bit too much so it’s just another excuse. (I wrote something similar to that last paragraph and a bit more but lost it after pressing save by mistakes so I’m hoping once I’m finished that doesn’t happen again!)

The next bandwagon I jumped on was the Twitter one. At first I couldn’t see the point of it. Coming from Facebook it just seems like status updates (what it basically is) but the difference is you can choose who to follow and don’t need to find out every little detail about them, only short little messages. I find it useful to add people with a common interest as you who will help to keep you updated on the things you care about. I have other designers, tech people, sports news and scores, news and music which is good at keeping me up to date on the things I care about, which is a lot different to facebook telling me who has split up with who.

So this was mainly a test but I will probably write more about stuff like this as my phone and twitter are my main interests at the moment. My twitter is www.twitter.com/davidgarlick if you would like to follow me. If you have one and have things I might want to hear about then let me know and I’ll probably follow you. Unless you just update me in what you’re eating or your relationship status.

Before I finish I have just seen I can add an image from my phone so I will try that now. (pirate ship from Brixham, Devon where I’m staying until I return to London Friday. The place not the ship!)

Have fun.

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