Google Friend Connect Review (So Far)

I have decided to give Google’s new toy out. I believe it is their attempt at quietly getting a share of the social marketing. What I have done is add the Google Friend connect bar to my website (HERE). It looks similar to the Facebook chat bar at the bottom of the page, but bigger and more obtrusive which is a negative already. As my site is to showcase my design work a quite big Google bar takes away from my site I believe. 


It is used so that people can become a member of a site and make comments on what you see and interactive with each other about the site, share your views and possiblty meet people with the same interests as you. At the moment as a new technology I don’t know anyone that is using it, and I am the only member of my site… that’s my excuse anyway. 

I have decided to use Google Chrome now as it’s nice and feels like you can see more of a page compared to IE and even Firefox, which I went off of. But comparing the Google Friend Connect on Chrome and on Firefox it seems more stable and solid on Firefox as on Chrome it interupts with Youtube videos and flickers a bit on occasions. I thought that was a bit strange.

As I joined up to use it to give it a go and test it on other sites too, I have been a bit disappointed in not finding it on of the sites that I use. This could be because 1) they don’t know about it, 2) I don’t go enough sites that could see a use for it, 3) sites have tried it and see no point in it as it just allows you’re site to recieve abuse that other users of the Friend Connect can see and maybe even join in on. 

I decided that I would try it for a week on my site. At the moment I think that after the week has ended I will remove it, because it just makes my site look messy, no one else uses it and I have no members to my site and that will hurt my pride!

If you want to see Google’s sneaky attempt at becoming a Social Networking player without having to make a site to draw us in then you can join up by seeing the bar like on my site or goto to add it to your own page.


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