Keane 3D and Super Furry Animals Webcast webcast

I have been noticing that whilst I was thinking up ideas for my final for uni I looked into how to make whatever it was I eventually 3D. Whilst it never happened I still have an interest in 3D and hope to one day use it in my work. Why it has cone back into my head now is down to Keane.

Keane are a band everyone loves to hate. I personally don’t mind them, I don’t own any of their albums and won’t be queing up to get tickets to see them, I don’t mind them. I even saw then at a festival, I say saw but I barely saw then due to incredibly bad hayfever that madevmy eyes water the whole through and apparently my head swelled up but that’s a different story. Even after this, they’re alright. Although reading recently them calling themselves the new Pink Floyd is laughable, atleast wait until you’ve sold one of the top 3 best selling albums ever!

What they have done is become the first hand ever to do a live webcast. Not the 3D that these 3 legends; U2, The Jonas Brothers and Myley Cyrus have used with the goggles and a big cinema screen. Keane have done proper 3D with the red and blue glasses! So perhaps they aren’t the new Pink Floyd but instead they are even better! Ok maybe not, but atleast it’s something a bit different and fun.

Comparing this to another recently webcast I saw, which was the Super Furty Animals play their new album for the first time of say Keane’s webcast was better, not because of the music, but because you could actually see what was going on (JUST! as it was also dark) whereas the Furrys seemed to be in a garage. As Keanes was so dark you could only just see tiny bits of 3D, maybe next time lets turn the lights on and see if it really works in 3D.  Maybe someone can put me in the direction of a well lit bands webcast for a proper comparison. Visually Keane win but musically you’ve got to to for SFA.

This was written on my iPhone, I will check back soon incase of any mistakes. Damn iPhone keyboard/auto corrector!

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