New MSN / Windows Live Messenger have removed the ability to view contact

I have just upgraded to the latest MSN / Windows Live messenger and usually when I do it changes and I can see slight differences but nothing too major that has affected me. But the new one has removed a feature I have been using for years and has annoyed me. Instead of viewing someone’s user name that they choose like MC Big Foot 4 Life or some rubbish like that, I choose to view my contacts by their email address. This  because they can’t change that on their email on MSN, and so I know who they actually are.

But someone at Microsoft has decided to remove the feature, so I now have the choice of viewing my contacts as either MC Big Foot 4 Life or, if they have actually added their name then I can view it as their first name. I have chosen to go the name route, but most people haven’t decided to add their name. This means I still get whatever they’ve chosen to call themselves. You know the people I mean, they are usually the people that change their name twice daily, so I don’t know how I will know who everyone is now!

So yeah other than that it’s pretty much the same. Well I have removed as much of the features to get it to the normal MSN as possible. I will let you look around for any other new features yourself.

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