New Year 2010 – watching more films so…. #1 – Spirited Away

This year I am going to try to watch more films, maybe go to the cinema more, do more stuff etc etc Anyway, I will be using this blog to remember the films I have watched and also so I can post images from them as I renewed my sites hosting which gave me a lot more space more than I needed/wanted for a lot more than I wanted to pay!

I now have PlayTV for the PS3 and find myself going through everyday of the week for every channel making sure i don’t miss any of the good shows or films, so now I have accumulated quite a collection of (so far unwatched) series and films. The first film from the list I watched was Spirited Away. I hope to get through some more this weekend.

It reminded me of a modern Wizard of Oz – the lost girl trying to get home, the feel of a different world of its own and the surreal characters helping her along with her journey to get back to the real world with her parents turned back from pigs.

Really creative character designs and animation by Hayao Miyazaki that I think I’ve heard called the Japanese Walt Disney before. I also managed to record Castle in the Sky by him which I had on video when I was a kid. Maybe I will add that to the 2010 list soon.

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