Digital TV on your iPhone (and computer)

I recently discovered, which allows you to watch all the free digital channels online. I don’t know when I would really need to use it as I’m either going to be at home where I have an actual TV, or at work where I will be working and have no need for it. Unless I have a real urge to watch Loose Woman or Cash in the Attic.

Still it’s a really good website with all the channels you would expect to find on freeview and also has a guide.

I did actually find something else that may be more handy for anyone who wouldn’t really use it like me. Due to all of the snow and the poor train service SouthEastern trains offered during this time I got the bus home from work and found that; if you put in the address then you can watch all of the channels on the iPhone and stream them live . Unlike the Sky Sports that O2 offered a free trial of for the iPhone you don’t need to be connected to wifi, this means you can watch TV anywhere while connected to 3G, and it works really well. I was watching for about 15 minutes and it didn’t stop to buffer once. Maybe I was in a really good 3G area but still I was really impressed.

I took a quick screen shot on my phone here. Yes, I was watching the Simpsons.

Oh and if you add it as a bookmark it adds with it’s own little icon which is… nice.

So if I forget my book, have nothing I want to listen and a good 3G connection I might give TVcatchup another

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