The Book of Eli (Film #4 2010)

My second film with the unlimited cinema and the first that I probably wouldn’t have watched otherwise was The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis (the girl from That 70s show and the voice of Meg in Family Guy).

The basic story revolves around the last bible in the world as all of the others have been burnt after a nuclear war and what power the message of the bible could have to those without faith. As it is after a nuclear was it’s set in a post apocalyptic America which means, ofcourse  all of what’s left of colour in the world has been saturated to fit the colourless dying world, it looks fine. Outside of the visuals the story just seems to plod along and there’s nothing that sticks out about it after I left. Actually one of the things I remembered was that it reminded me of my favourite PS3 game Fallout 3. which is also set in a similar world although the film isn’t as good as the game.

The next film I’m looking to see is The Road, another post apocalyptic film and hoping that it’s more memorable than this one.

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