Hither Green Indoor Golf

Ten minutes down the road from me there’s now an 18 hole indoor golf course. 6 of us went and played yesterday, it took us a LONG 2 hours to get round the course, mainly because we (or should I say me) was rubbish. It was quite painful for me as it turns out I am absolutely rubbish at golf, although I think that the course isn’t really for novices. It is fun, but also stressful when you suck as much as I did. Although out of the 18 holes I did have the greatest moment of my life so far (and probably ever) when I got my hole in one. No one can take that away from me!!!!

Here’s some pictures I took with my iPhone.

Me before I decided to stand up straight and not play like an old woman. Not that it helped me play any better.

Aini pulling her trousers up.


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One Response to Hither Green Indoor Golf

  1. Hello,

    The 18-hole Minigolf Course in Hither Green will be holding it’s first big BMGA Tour event this Sunday (1st August).

    More info at the British Minigolf Association website here – http://bit.ly/d1UPrG



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